Altera Orthodontics Becomes a Provider of InBrace

Altera Orthodontics Becomes a Provider of InBrace

For Immediate Release

Atlera Orthodontics of Royersford, PA, announces that they are now a provider of InBrace, a new, AI-enhanced, behind-the-teeth, teeth straightening system that automatically and invisibly moves teeth to a better smile. Patients experience a quick fitting, fast, more attractive, self-aligning process, with limited time at the orthodontist’s office, a more normal dental hygiene, and less interruption of their daily lifestyle.

InBrace Cannot Be Seen

InBrace does away with visible metal braces and instead provides patients with the InBrace Smartwire. This programmable wire is placed behind the teeth and straightens them using advanced computer modeling, artificial intelligence, and Gentleforce Technology. It cannot be seen unless you look behind the teeth. This gives the patient a much more attractive look while correcting their smile.

Set-Up as Easy as 1-2-3 

The process of fitting the patient with an InBrace Smartwire consists of three steps. First, the provider creates a 3D image of the patient’s mouth using a scanner. This creates a personalized InBrace Toothprint, which will be used to personalize the Smartwire’s programming.

Second, the provider codesigns the patient’s new, ideal smile with InBrace, which will program the Smartwire to move the teeth to their corrected location using their patented Gentleforce technology. Third, the provider fits the patient with their new, personalized Smartwire. The result is a hidden teeth straightening system that works automatically.

Types of Cases that InBrace Is Used For 

Both simple and complex malocclusions can be corrected using InBrace. These include spacing problems, crowding of teeth, an open bite, an overbite, or an underbite.

Benefits of InBrace

The InBrace Smartwire will begin to show results as early as two weeks. And whereas normal braces can take from 18 to 22 months, and aligners can take 12 to 18 months, the treatment time using the InBrace Smartwire is only 6 to 18 months.

Using an InBrace Smartwire does away with the normal monthly tightening of the braces by the orthodontist, or trays that need to be changed regularly. This provides the patient with more personal time and less time in the orthodontist's office.

A patient only needs to schedule a visit every eight to ten weeks to make sure that the Smartwire is functioning as it should. The patient can eat normally, with no messy trays to remove. They can also look forward to normal oral hygiene practices with their Smartwire. They can brush and floss just as normal, and there will be no visible white spots that braces can create. And an InBrace Smartwire will never get in the way of a kiss! In length of treatment, time at the orthodontist’s office, hygiene, and appearance, InBrace is a more attractive choice.

About Altera Orthodontics

Altera Orthodontics provides same-day braces as well as cutting-edge technology to serve the orthodontic needs of children, teens, and adults in Royersford, PA, and surrounding areas. Opened in June of 2021, Altera is the practice of Dr. Hamid Hashemi.  "Dr. H.” values the patient’s time, and strives to keep the time at his office to a minimum.

Altera does this through self-ligating braces, one-day braces, options for Invisalign, and InBrace Smartwire technology. Altera also offers patients evening and Saturday appointments, to keep interruptions to your work or school day to a minimum. Altera promises fewer visits with better results. 

Altera Orthodontics offers patients the options of pay-in-full discounts, family discounts, and in-house interest-free financing, to help them pay for their care. We also offer same-day start incentives. Altera accepts most PPO insurance. 

We are committed to personalized care, the highest quality treatment and experience for every patient, and a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where you can receive personalized, patient-centered orthodontic care.