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California Dental Institute, Inc. is dedicated to training students for a successful career in the field of dentistry. This is done in a timely manner without compromising high standards. The mission of our company is to educate, inspire, and empower students to achieve their professional goals. We provide a high-quality, accelerated dental assisting program, allowing students to reach their objectives promptly. Our culture focuses on teamwork and always seeks excellence for our students.

School Objectives

·        To provide students with guidance and support to succeed

·        To prepare students for the practical life of a dental assistant

·        To carve the culture of lifelong learning in our students

·        To include comprehensive training plans in our programs

·        To use evaluation tools that encourage students to learn and harness more skills

·        To offer a curriculum that teaches students to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information of which helps them with solving problems.

·        Perform front-office procedures

·        Aid in general dentistry and specialized procedures

·        Perform infection control procedures after understanding the principles of microbiology

·        Record patient-assessment data

·        Identify and learn the legal and ethical responsibilities of a dental care worker

·        Understand the functions of anesthesia

·        Understand the normal anatomy of the mouth and how pathology occurs

·        Learn how to use dental instruments and equipment

·        Understand how to perform film and digital radiographic procedures


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Sean Pierce, D.D.S. President And CEO

Dr. Pierce identified the increasing demand for highly-trained dental assistants. For this reason, he developed a dental assisting program that forms new students rapidly and efficiently. When Dr. Pierce was planning to start his new practice Pierce Aesthetics in Tustin, he made sure that the dental assisting school was an integral part, which is why he incorporated CDI from the very start.

Dr. Piece got his dental degree from Marquette University. He graduated Magna cum Laude and was on the Dean’s list during his entire journey in dental school. He also attended UCLA School of Dentistry to complete a one-year post-graduate training program in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Dr. Pierce’s expertise is not exclusive to general and cosmetic dentistry, as he also specialized in:

·        Oral surgery

·        TMJ treatment

·        Dental implants

During his time at UCLA, he also gained advanced skills in the field of oral surgery. His research paper on TMJ disorders was published in several journals.



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