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In Aspen, Dr. Peter B Fodor is a great plastic surgeon. He has numerous other honors one of which includes being the author of Be Your Best. A highly respected reference in the world of plastic surgery for those who want to have in-depth knowledge on plastic surgery procedures. Considered one of the best guidance on all aesthetic operations in lay terms, including side effects, and dos and don’ts of recuperation. A complimentary copy of the book is given to patients who had an in-person consult or a virtual consultation.



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Reviews: 5 Stares Based on 67 reviews

  • Peter Fodor is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world. As a surgeon myself, I have watched him operate on others and I have been a patient under his care. He has superior technical skills, a wonderful and empathetic bedside manner, and an unsurpassed aesthetic sense of what looks natural and beautiful. I unconditionally give Dr. Fodor my highest recommendation

    Thursday , 27 Jul 2017 icon icon icon icon icon

  • I had pain the first two days and really it was more discomfort than pain. Two days later the bandages are removed and you wear no chin strap or anything just still some tape on your cheeks. You can shower then. Some swelling,feels very tight on cheeks and head,mouth looks pulled and I had one bruise under one eye ;tape falls off in a week;go back in two weeks for him to see and then in a month. By then I was already looking great and the lumpiness in my cheeks had almost all smoothed out. Can't see any scar on face, just some milia (little bumps) under one eye and on lids. I still have a little milia (sp?)The mouth and face relaxed, feels less numb, I feel fine. Love how my jaw and face looks and my eyes look so much more open and younger but so natural no one notices . Much younger men are checking me out! Love that.

    Monday , 14 Mar 2022 icon icon icon icon icon

  • Kathleen Fors

    I found Dr Fodor extremely professional and thorough. He took time to show me my x-rays and explained the procedure he would do and why in removing a large hard bump in my forehead. I feel confident that Dr Fodor will do a great job of taking care of me and I feel blessed to have found him.

    Monday , 09 Sep 2019 icon icon icon icon icon

  • Dr. Fodor and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable asking those questions and also contacting them if any issues arose that I was concerned about. Dr Fodor was also very honest and realistic about what he could and could not achieve with the procedures we discussed.

    Tuesday , 05 Mar 2019 icon icon icon icon icon

  • Very good and professional staff. I felt very cared for by the doctor and the all staff. I will be again here If I face any problem later.

    Tuesday , 05 Mar 2019 icon icon icon icon icon

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